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Pretty new bento box!!

I haven't posted or made a bento in a long time but I just got a nice new bento box so I wanted to share the first lunch I put in it.

In the top box: Salad with tomatoes, celery and a sorta flower made out of carrot pieces.
In the bottom box: Grilled Halibut with edamame sprinkled on top.
The little container on the side has some homemade peach cobbler.

The whole meal was made for dinner the night before by a friend. Look at the cute kitty! meow:) I love my new box with matching bag.
my bento

Smiley Bento

I made a bento with smiles... because I haven't made bento in a long time and I was really happy about it.

Top tier:  two silly faced hard boiled eggs with some green hair and a veggie bun that I found in chinatown
Botton tier: two veggie octodogs! ( my first time ever making one!)  and an onigiri filled with pickled ginger.
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my bento

Finally, a new lunch!

I admit it.. I got lazy and started only tossing together salads for lunch instead of making fabulous bentos. So last night when I came home from work, I was rewarded with a surprise package from my friend in CA. She had found a bento box at her local dollar store and had bought it for me! I feel so loved. It inspired me to take out all my bento goodies and create a lunch for today.  The same friend had sent me inari wrappers from a store out in CA and I made inari sushi which is really really easy!!

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my bento

Sushi Lunch!

My first attempt at sushi didnt work so well so I tried again today and it worked! I didnt have much to choose from in the house so the sushi is only some canned tuna but it still tasted wonderful. Notice my new bento box that i just got!
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my bento

Snack Bento

I was dying to make a bento but i work at a restaurant now so I don't really need to make food to eat for real meals. So I decided to make a snack bento.

In my cute box we have Fire ants on a log. It is celery with peanut butter and craisans. Sooo yummy.
The top box has homey mustard pretzels and scottie dog licorice. The dog jumped out of the box :)

Then i found this cute gum so had to put it next to my box.
my bento

Im Back!

I no longer have a 9-5 job for which there was reason to make lunchs but I really missed Bentoing.(I like the verb). So I bought a brand new bento box and made a cute lunch that I still havent eaten but it was fun to do anyway. I am in love with the new box because not only did it come with a bag to carry it in but also chopsticks in a case and a case with a cloth napkin in it! I am super excited about my new box.

So the box is apple-themed.
You can see on the top of the image the baggie to carry it all in.
Top Tier: Broccoli stir fry on top of sushi rice.
Bottom Tier: Logan berries which are sooooo yummy. Crunchy peanut rice craker mix.

Off to the side you can see the chopsticks and holder and the other side has the band  that says apple on it.
There are some yummy jello-like snacks. (what are they called?) and on top you can see the little napkin peeking out of the holder.

Yay for bento!!!

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Not too Pretty but yummy

I made today's lunch while explaining to a friend all about bento. I turned it into a little cooking show and I showed her all my supplies and ingredients. She was very impressed with the lunches. Today's box isn't very pretty but tasted good.

In the top box, I made ginger tuna onigiri. I wanted to make them big and really messed them up. I filled the mold to high and the onigiri did not stick together and fell apart. I blame this on the rice which was not fresh and cold. I topped one with furitake and the other with some ginger. My tiny bottle has some soy sauce in it. 

The bottom box has edamame and lychee.

my bento

Leftover Bento

This bento is 100% made of leftovers from vietnamese food last night. 

There is a noodle dish and a chicken and string bean dish with some rice. 

It was fun to not have to cook but still come to work with a filled bento. 

my bento

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Here is my lunch from today. I spent all last night trying to make sushi with fake crab and cucumbers till I realized my crab was prob not good anymore. So I made it with ginger in the roll. They also came out huge and falling apart. 

I need to learn how to make sushi!! 

So I also made some gyoza from TJ's. They were yummy. 

The last thing in the other section are my peach gummies. They are yummy. (There also is a packet of soy sauce cause i bought little bottles and they are really hard to get sauce in. I need a mini funnel.)

I got really full from this lunch. 

my bento

3rd bento

Here is my first attempt at a real japanese bento box lunch. It came out really cute and it was delicious and filling. I am really happy with it.  I made onigiri with tuna fish inside and also ginger mixed into the fish. I put furitake on the top of the onigiri to make it look pretty. In the other box, there is edamame and little peach flavored gummy candies from the japanese grocery.  I have a little apple on the side so I had a fruit component to my lunch.